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Ruckus Smart City

Strong Wi-Fi Security, Simple to Administer

Ruckus has fully integrated features to handle BYOD stress points for both administrators and users. We leverage existing resources by integrating with current network segmentation and security architectures, authentication protocols, and directory services. Second, Ruckus has built easy and intuitive device provisioning and onboarding processes that are foolproof for users and simple to implement by IT staff. Third, our device fingerprinting and access control features enable differentiated policies for specific device types and user roles, as well as enhanced monitoring and visibility to improve network operations, troubleshooting, and policy changes over time. Finally, Ruckus provides the RF stability, scalability, and capacity needed to enable BYOD. Robust wireless performance enables users to connect and stay connected, making BYOD initiatives work.

Combining adaptive antenna technology, band steering, and airtime fairness makes Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi ideal for high-density environments, providing students with fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Faster, more dependable Wi-Fi connectivity that’s affordable is fundamental. It must cover large campuses, yet reach every corner of a classroom. It must support multimedia applications while providing secure connectivity for staff, students, and guests. Limited budgets and IT staff mean that educators need a new approach. Ruckus smart Wi-Fi passes the test with flying colors.

Efficient Campus Network with Ruckus ICX Switches: 

Dealing With High Density

A major concern within the education market is how to deal with high-density environments such as classrooms and lecture halls. With the flood of Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously accessing the wireless network, the Ruckus ZoneFlex™ system is designed to provide a best-in-class solution with high-capacity support for concurrent wireless users. Applying patented adaptive antenna technology that gets users on and off the wireless network quickly, this technology is combined with capabilities including client load balancing, airtime fairness, band steering, and per user rate limiting to ensure hundreds of users can access a single access point that delivers reliable and fast Wi-Fi connectivity.

Kansas State University Pike House:

Campus Coverage: Here, There, Everywhere

K-12 school campuses range from one large, vintage-built location to a more modern multimodular classroom construction. So, getting good Wi-Fi coverage to every nook and cranny of each classroom without deploying a huge number of access points has been a real challenge. The Ruckus ZoneFlex family of products delivers the best possible Wi-Fi coverage using high-gain directional antenna arrays. Our patented BeamFlex™ technology directs signals toward associated clients, picking the best performing path and constantly routing signals around interference as it is encountered. ZoneFlex delivers two to four times the coverage using fewer APs and costing far fewer dollars. Schools can now take Wi-Fi to places where it’s never been before — simply and easily.

Patented smart antenna arrays in every access point provide longer range and more reliable Wi-Fi connections, requiring fewer APs than competitive alternatives.

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Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi:

Simply the Smartest Wireless for a Mobile World

Visp Group is responsible for the largest Ruckus 802.11ac infrastructure install and management in the state of Arizona


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